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Why Does My Company Need an Online Knowledge Base?

A discussion into the benefits of having an online knowledge base of video content.

someone checking a beneficial online knowledge base from an organisation

CPDonline does not just live stream events so that they are available on the day. We also record content so that it can be reused for the purposes of sharing knowledge online, in the form of a knowledge base.

But what is a knowledge base?

This is a place where your members, employees, or anyone enquiring about your organisation, can go to find resources and gain knowledge. It is likely to be on your website and accessible via a member portal, or employee portal. This can include training or CPD resources, or a collection of professional standards your organisation aims to uphold.

If you are unsure of what exactly to include in your knowledge base, your HR department or membership officer could be assigned to find out what common enquiries are brought up by your members or employees. This can help you curate a set of content that answers common questions asked about your organisation. This will help you to create the most effective knowledge base possible. 

Such a well-organised set of knowledge content is beneficial for your organisation for a number of reasons. 

1. Firstly, this can easily attract new members or employees due to them understanding your organisation more easily. This can even assist a great deal with the employee/member onboarding process, as they can simply access your knowledge base in order to access training materials and learn about the standards they should adhere to. This is much more efficient than having to carry out the training or onboarding procedure all over again for each new member cohort or employee cohort. If you are worried that they will not retain as much knowledge as they would from the training being delivered to them individually, this can be mitigated by ensuring that the content is delivered via a video medium; we have already discussed why video content (including recordings of live streams) is the ideal medium to deliver information in another article

2. Moreover, this usage of video content is efficient as it does not necessarily require you to create more content. Instead, if you simply arrange for your CPD courses or conferences to be live streamed or recorded, then these recordings can be expertly edited by an external team before being sent directly to you for your knowledge base. Therefore, the knowledge that has already been captured at these courses can be retained by more people without the need to re-host the courses, as they will be easily accessible via your website's bespoke library of high quality content. This has the added benefit of eliminating the need for attendees to travel to your events to have to view them, which has environmental benefits as well as increasing your reach. 

3. Furthermore, a knowledge base can allow your employees and organisation members to obtain CPD points at their own pace via microlearning. 

What is Microlearning? And how can my employees benefit from it?

MICROLEARNING - Retaining new knowledge in small "chunks" or units. 

If your events are recorded, members can learn in a way that is more efficient for them. They can pace themselves by watching edited snippets of your knowledge events at their own pace. That 10 minutes that they spent waiting for a train to travel all the way across the country for your event? That could have been spent viewing one or multiple microlearning units, allowing them to learn more in less time. 

Now that you know of the importance of sharing knowledge online in this way, it is important to specify that this knowledge is collected in a high quality manner. Hiring a specialised video production crew to capture your events will allow for a premium knowledge delivery process, which is integral to show that you care about your knowledge capture methods. This will enable your members or employees to see that you care about answering their questions and supporting their development. 

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