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At CPD Online we specialise in live streaming and video production services. We do this in a way that retains the value of your training while making it easily accessible to your audience. Whether it’s for internal staff, organisation members, volunteers, or if you simply want to spread your reach to a wider external audience, our services will be of benefit to you.

High quality livestreaming service


Live video is three times more engaging than any other content. From conferences and seminars, to round table discussions and training programs, live streaming provides a number of beneficial opportunities to your audience, wherever in the world they may be. And in the time of a pandemic, livestreaming has never been more integral to allowing people to experience events at the same time, together. We utilise our custom built streaming platform to help you engage with your audience virtually, or we can stream on any platform you already want to use. Additionally, you will benefit from our audience participation feature which includes a live chat, for on-demand, real time interaction. Whatever your audience size, we have the scope and technical capabilities to facilitate your needs.

Pricing: from £1050


The spontaneity of livestreams may not appeal to your organisation, and you may prefer a final product of a fully edited, polished video that is branded, represents your brand image well, and is ready to be shared online. This is understandable: By 2022, 82% of online traffic is expected to be video. Nothing engages an audience quite like captivating video footage. Our video production team are highly experienced in broadcast, promotional film and corporate productions. No matter how unique your ideas may be, we assure you that our skilled editors will bring them to life. From development to delivery, we guarantee that your story will be flawlessly conveyed. Additionally, we can assist in hosting your very own videos. This would provide you with a hassle-free, personal method of sharing your informative content.

Pricing: from £750

Livestream development service
Branded video production service


It is hard to disagree that advancements in technology have become driving factors of business advancement in recent years. At CPD Online we understand that your website is probably a pivotal part of your organisation. Potential clients are now constantly absorbing information whilst on the move due to the widespread accessibility of smartphones and tablets. This is where our expert platform development team comes in. We can help you stay ahead of the competition by developing tailored apps and websites to your specification and branding for your livestreams and videos to be broadcasted on, enabling you to reach your audience, on the move, anywhere, in a way that best communicates the identity of your brand.

Pricing: Varies; Contact us for details. 

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