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Terms of Service

Thank you for using CPD Online.  

By using the Services provided by CPD Online, you agree to be bound by these Terms and by our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us via emailing info@cpdonline.tv or calling us at 07800 996 749. Do not use our Services if you do not accept our Terms of Service.  

Overview of Permitted Uses of Website Content 

CPD Online must only be used for legitimate requests for livestreaming and video editing Services, and only at educational or informational events such as workshops, lectures, seminars and conferences. We do not offer such services for non-educational events such as parties or other informal gatherings.  
Customers may submit such requests by emailing us, calling us, directly messaging us on social media, or most commonly by using the Contact form on the Website.  
After communicating via email or telephone to set up the details of an event, customers must endeavour to fully and accurately communicate any further details or changes concerning their event, and pay CPD Online for our Services in a timely manner to avoid interest charges. 

We reserve the right to ban people from using our Services in future if they have failed to pay for Services in the past.  


Limitations of Liability 


As the contact form on the Website gives the option of submitting the email address and/or phone number of whomever is organising the event, this feature must not be abused to submit the contact details of someone who has not consented to the submission of their contact details. We will not accept liability for contacting someone in this way if we are unaware that they have not consented for the submission of their contact details. 

Changes to These Terms 


We reserve the right to revise and make changes to these Terms of Service at any time according to changes to our Website, Services, or changes in the law. On the occasion that we do, users will receive a notification via a banner on the website, which you will have the option to read through and accept. 

Privacy Information 


We take the privacy of our users very seriously; please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. This also outlines our use of Cookies. 

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