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Alternatives to Zoom: Why Your Organisation Should Be Considering These

A discussion of why hiring an external team of live streaming specialists like CPDonline, to stream your event, is a more efficient alternative to Zoom

Organisations using organisations to zoom

Some organisations have a fully thought-out knowledge dissemination or event strategy, while others could see significant improvements if they partnered with CPDonline. This depends upon whether their events calendar is full of non-interactive webinars, or something that stands out more to their audience. Many potential clients we have spoken to have so far been relying on broadcasting such events in-house via setting up a video call. Hiring a team of live streaming specialists is the next step that is just waiting to benefit their business. 

Hundreds of millions of meeting participants enter a Zoom call every day. The pandemic led to a 13% increase in employee meetings (and it is safe to assume that the majority of these still take place via Zoom). Zoom is used in such a mainstream way that companies are now introducing Zoom-free Fridays altogether.

For your industry-leading events, it is best not to rely on the same platform that already connotes unproductive, draining meetings. Today, virtual conferences have the potential to be much more engaging and transform the way in which learning and development events are run. Your viewers could be experiencing 1080p footage, dynamic camera angles switching from panels to lecture slides to audiences, and live-scrolling social media feeds onscreen to add that extra level of interactivity. These are all things that CPDonline can offer for you. Our mission is the success of knowledge dissemination, which is especially difficult for organisations to perfect. This is not the fault of you or your audiences: there are simply limits on how much information audiences can take in at one time. If you want to increase what information they can take in, it is time to start looking for alternatives to Zoom.

There are tangible limitations to relying on this one platform and not allowing a versatile team of live streaming specialists to stream your events to multiple platforms (and therefore keeping your options open). For instance, Zoom (and certain other platforms) have attendee limits: your typical Zoom meeting will allow for 100 attendees. If your event needs more audience slots, you will have to pay extra for Zoom Rooms' 500-person capacity. To increase this further, you will have to pay thousands of pounds per month for Zoom Webinars, which allows for 10,000 attendees. Furthermore, your audiences in 2021 and beyond will probably prefer (or expect) 1080p quality video for your events. This is not fully supported by Zoom. On this platform, speakers will instead only be able to be viewed in up to 720p quality. There was a Group HD service, but due to Zoom's wide usability, it has been suspended

If you have been running events for your organisation via Zoom or a similar conferencing platform, now is the ideal time to be innovating your events strategy by instead live streaming them to a platform that your audiences may prefer. Contact CPDonline for a free consultation about how you might go about this.

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