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Our Mission

Countless corporate and academic seminars, presentations and lectures take place every day. Some are stand alone events, but many form part of a roadshow that sees the same presentation repeated to a series of relatively small audiences.

Our fundamental mission is to provide our clients with a stress-free, high quality online sharing service for educational events - either as a bespoke, fully branded live stream, or as an edited shoot, which is then taken through a thorough post-production service. This method of transferring academic knowledge to a dispersed target audience provides a substantial financial benefit, as well as saving a great deal of time for our clients, as money that would be spent on delivering multiple conferences (including accommodation, catering etc.) can instead go towards event promotion and other measures for the benefit of the organisation. This prevents the inevitable outcome of repeating the presentation in person, either on a domestic or international scale.

Professional video editing service

Our Story

CPD Online was conceived by Civil Engineer Ibrahim Janneh. Frustrated by having to make countless trips back to the UK from the Middle East in order to attend educational seminars, he believed that there was a simple solution for this ongoing issue. Ibrahim initially addressed his concerns to the Institution of Civil Engineers, where he asked the question:

"Rather than requiring the physical presence of over 70,000 members from over 50 countries to attend the event, why not make the event available to be viewed online by everyone, regardless of location?"  

By embracing this innovative idea, the Institution of Civil Engineers set in motion the rise of CPD Online in the UK. CPD Online now undertakes high quality live streaming and video production for an increasing number of organisations in various industries. This allows our clients to deliver meaningful learning material to their contacts from anywhere in the world.


Birmingham Office

179 High Street


B12 0LD

United Kingdom

Manchester Office

22 Burton Road



M20 3ED 

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