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The Future of: Digital Technology for CPD

Despite this, there is a stigma around online learning being unsatisfactory compared to in-person learning.

This is a time where organisations are having to reskill and upskill their people with greater urgency, to help them adapt to an uncertain and shaky job market. So, if you provide CPD for your organisation, it is integral to be well-researched about how CPD is being used in your role.

Increased Support for Digital Learning

Last year was a turning point for people from all walks of life. We all had to start relying on digital learning together. The technology gap between households was also highlighted, as was the fact that this affects how effectively people are able to learn from home.

Many institutions quickly addressed this gap as a matter of necessity. For instance, universities offered laptops to students from lower-income families. Such families were also offered a free internet service from service providers. This happened on a worldwide scale, demonstrating the universal need for such technology. New Zealand’s government, for instance, provided 70,000 learners with internet access and technological devices in case of the instance of schools closing.

So, technology for digital learning has become more accessible and the ability to complete CPD from home is now taken for granted, as institutions have already taken measures to incorporate it into every household that needs it. Institutions have ensured that there is more support for digital technology, and due to the scale and speed that this has been carried out already, there does not seem to be a reason why this will not be a permanent change.

CPD Videos

In terms of how this digital learning will take place, on-demand videos are one popular method as of late. For instance, short videos can be used in microlearning units, as they are short pieces of multimedia content that can easily viewed by learners to get CPD points.

It is now the norm for CPD events to have digital copies, so if you don’t already have recordings of your events, you should hire an event videographer before your next event.

Online Applications & Gamification

Gamification has started to come hand-in-hand with CPD, and mobile applications are necessary to support such gamification features.

Gamification requires using features of games to encourage people to learn. For instance, there may be a particular goal which learners have to aim for, an environment for them to interact with, and/or a leaderboard that allows them to compare their progress with other learners. This can be quite effective at motivating learners to progress in the “game” and achieve a certain number of points, as they can see their progress in a more engaging way on a leaderboard.

Digital technology is necessary to display such features and allow for gamification. For instance, in the recruitment process for PwC, an app is required to download to play certain games in order to demonstrate the candidate’s skills. As can be seen, gamified programs and applications are becoming part and parcel of many CPD strategies. Especially with the burnout that many employees have experienced this year, gamification is being introduced more and more as a surefire way to keep the attention of learners.

Virtual Reality

The lines between digital learning and face-to-face training are being blurred in multiple ways. In a very similar fashion, virtual and augmented reality are making their way into many learning and development strategies.

One reason why VR is becoming so prominent in online learning and development is because it can be used in high-risk environments. This is especially the case for in on-the-job training whereby an employee has to be assisted by a more experienced colleague doing a certain task. If the employee is working with somewhat high-risk equipment or tools, or would have to carry out the task in an environment near to other workers, virtual reality can be a great help here. It can allow the employees to carry out these activities with no risk, in any location, and also practice as many times as they need.

Do you need a team of corporate event specialists to help you to train employees in CPD in a digital way? CPD Online can record and livestream your corporate training sessions to make them accessible for more learners – make an enquiry on our contact form.

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