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The Future of: Corporate Video Production, & Why Corporate Video is Important

Only 17% of marketers fully outsource video creation. This is despite how important video is to raising your organisation’s ranking in online search results. The other 83% either rely on the in-house talent they already have in their organisation, or do not have a video creation strategy at all.

Does your organisation often release promotional videos about the work you do? Do your corporate events have fully branded recordings of them in order to allow more people to watch? If you answered “no” to either of these, you could be doing your organisation a disservice.

But how important is corporate video, if many marketers do not invest in it? Is it rising in importance? How so? That is what we will be investigating below.

Live Video

It appears that corporate video's importance is a result of being pritoritised by big companies. HubSpot (2021) says that video content, particularly live video, will be utilised more and more in future. This is because it is one of the most engaging types of content (second only to image content). Do you want to get ahead of your competition, particularly the 83% that do not fully outsource video creation? Make sure your organisation has a library of high quality, branded video content.

Live video is particularly something that you should be focusing on. This is because people now more than ever crave live, shared experiences. Is your organisation rolling out a new programme, awareness campaign or exhibition? If so, a livestreamed video (with some live-tweeting alongside) could seriously help to build up anticipation. Today, if a corporate announcement is not accompanied by a video or livestream, external people might be less sure of how big a deal it is. They may even be completely unaware of it.

This is also why hybrid events are the norm for 2021. This means that purely in-person events might become more of a pre-2020 memory. Does your organisation hold exhibitions, workshops, and other events? There is an overall shift to hybrid events whereby people are more likely to attend events if they have an online version. Therefore, to give your training courses and other corporate events more reach, live or recorded videos of them are integral.

High Quality for High Rankings

You might be doubtful about why corporate video is important. But if you want your organisation to have a respectable standing online, video content is integral. Remember: YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

It is important to get the quality right. As video production software becomes more widely available, anyone with any amount of (or zero) skills and experience can become a videographer. Therefore, using your own in-house talent will only help you stack up against the rest of the internet’s amateur content. Fully outsourcing to specialised corporate video makers will take your video content strategy to the next level.


Video analytics also have a key role to play in the future of corporate video production. More analytics tools become available everyday. You can easily track which devices your videos are being viewed on, for how long, and by what demographics. Therefore, it will become even more important to analyse corporate videos according to these metrics. To see how people are engaging with your organisation, you need to analyse your corporate video engagement.

Other Technology

Finally, corporate video production is no longer just a matter of filming and recording content to upload. Every day, video marketers are increasingly embracing virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video.

VR video is often computer-animated, and is currently mainly being used by the bigger brands. However, just as with drone technology (which is now used to a wider extent than some people predicted) as something becomes par-for-the-course for the bigger brands, soon enough the smaller organisations will start realising that they have the capabilities to also use it. It is worth keeping an eye on uses of VR in video marketing, so that when the time comes for your organisation to use it, you can be ahead of the curb.

Similarly, 360-degree videos allow all perspectives of a video to be viewed at the same time, using either an omnidirectional camera or multiple cameras.


As we can see through how corporate video production has already evolved, it is important to keep an eye on changing trends so that your organisation can maintain its online standing, as well as engage your members/employees.

If you have an upcoming corporate event, it would be a waste to not get it recorded. And if you do not yet have promotional videos, it’s easy to get them produced for your organisation. If you would like a free consultation about getting high quality, bespoke videos produced for your organisation, get in touch with a corporate video production company today.

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